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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Name Change?

I am starting to do print design - starting off with business cards. I was thinking of just going into print design in general while I still refine my skills in web design. While considering this I realized that my "name" is Pinky's Pages which infers that I design websites which, as you now know, is not the case. So that got me thinking of other possible names. The whole purpose of Pinky's Pages was the "Pinky's" part of it. My daughter was given the nickname Pinky by my mom and we have all referred to her as Pinky at one point or another. Keeping Pinky in the name is, therefore, important to me. So the name I was thinking about is Pinky Designs. With this name I will be able to offer just print design while at a later time taking on web design. Any thoughts? I would love to hear them. As long as they are not off topic or rude.