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Friday, March 27, 2009

Future Changes

I will be making a few changes to CMD within the next couple of months:

1) Name change - I have already decided on the new name but will wait until I have purchased the domain to reveal it.
2) Background hosting - Right now I use PhotoBucket to host all my designs but fear that I will reach my limit causing the images to be blocked and a PhotoBucket message to be displayed. Once I get my domain set up I will start hosting the images with whichever company I decide to go with.
3) So-So-Sweet Collection - I am working on a new collection of backgrounds which are basically scanned images of the So-So-Sweet Paper Pack from The Paper Studio. I in no way will be taking credit for creating the actual images but I will be putting them together to make cute backgrounds. This, of course, will be pending - I will be asking the company if it is ok for me to do this. Since I don't charge for these backgrounds I don't see a problem but you never know.

There is also a fun little project I am going to start working on and I hope to have that up and running within the next six months. It sounds long - I know. But if all goes well it will be well worth the wait!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Collection #2

It if finally here! I finished my last design today. Yay! If you need a refresher on using these backgrounds just click here. Without further wait... choose it and use it!

Water Paradise

Space Journey


Falling Leaves

Chocolate Circles

Chocolate Circles 2

*NOTE* The full image may not be viewable on your blog depending on the viewer's screen size. For example wide screens will see more than standard screens.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coming Soon: Collection #2

I have been busy with my daughter, school, and just life in general but I am one design away from completing Collection #2! Check back soon...